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4. In the Available fields list box, click StartDate , click the button to select the
StartDate field as the field to check for duplicate values, and then click the Next
button. In the next Find Duplicates Query Wizard dialog box, you select the addi-
tional fields you want displayed in the query results.
Oren wants all remaining fields to be included in the query results.
5. Click the button to move all fields from the Available fields list box to the
Additional query fields list box, and then click the Next button. Access opens the
final Find Duplicates Query Wizard dialog box, in which you enter a name for the
query. You’ll use qryDuplicateContractStartDates as the query name.
6. Type qryDuplicateContractStartDates in the text box, be sure the option button
for viewing the results is selected, and then click the Finish button. Access saves
the query, and then displays the 10 records for contracts with duplicate start dates.
See Figure 5-26.
Query recordset for contracts with the same start dates
Figure 5-26
7. Close the query.
Oren now asks you to find the records for customers with no contracts. These are cus-
tomers who had contracts in the past, but who have chosen not to sign a contract with
Belmont Landscapes in the past year. Oren wants to contact these customers to see if
there are any services that the company might be able to furnish. To provide Oren with
this information, you need to create a find unmatched query.
Creating a Find Unmatched Query
A find unmatched query is a select query that finds all records in a table or query that
have no related records in a second table or query. For example, you could display all
customers who have not signed recent contracts or all students who are not currently
enrolled in classes. Such a query provides information for Oren to solicit business from
the inactive customers and for a school administrator to contact the students to find out
their future educational plans. You can use the Find Unmatched Query Wizard to create
this type of query.
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