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In Depth Information
Oren and Taylor will use the information provided by the queries you created to ana-
lyze the business and to contact customers. In the next session, you will enhance the
tblCustomer and tblContract tables.
Session 5.2 Quick Check
1. What is the purpose of a crosstab query?
2. What are the four query wizards you can use to create a new query?
3. What is a find duplicates query?
4. What does a find unmatched query do?
5. What happens when you set a query’s Top Values property?
6. What happens if you set a query’s Top Values property to 2 and the first five records
have the same value for the primary sort field?
Session 5.3
Creating a Lookup Field
The tblContract table in the Panorama database contains information about the contracts
Belmont Landscapes has signed with its customers. Sarah wants to make entering data in the
table easier for her staff. In particular, data entry is easier if they do not need to remember the
correct CustomerID field values for each customer. Because the tblCustomer and tblContract
tables have a one-to-many relationship, Sarah asks you to change the tblContract table’s
CustomerID field, which is a foreign key to the tblCustomer table, to a lookup field. A lookup
field lets the user select a value from a list of possible values. For the CustomerID field, the
user will be able to select a customer’s ID number from the list of customer names in the
qryCustomersByName query rather than having to remember the correct CustomerID field
value. Access will store the CustomerID in the tblContract table, but both the customer name
and the CustomerID field value will appear in Datasheet view when entering or changing a
CustomerID field value. This arrangement makes entering and changing CustomerID field
values easier for the user and guarantees that the CustomerID field value is valid. You use a
Lookup Wizard field in Access to create a lookup field in a table.
Sarah asks you to change the CustomerID field in the tblContract table to a lookup
field. You begin by opening the Panorama database and then opening the tblContract
table in Design view.
To change the CustomerID field to a lookup field:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure that the Panorama data-
base is open.
Trouble? If the Security Warning is displayed below the Ribbon, click the Options
button next to the Security Warning. In the dialog box that opens, click the “Enable
this content” option button, and then click the OK button.
2. If necessary, open the Navigation Pane, and then open the tblContract table in
Design view.
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