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Selecting the lookup fields
Figure 5-32
select the se
two fields
c lick to select each
field individually
This dialog box lets you select the lookup fields from the qryCustomersByName query.
You need to select the CustomerID field because it’s the common field that links the
query and the tblContract table. You also must select the Customer field because
Sarah wants the user to be able to select from a list of customer names when entering
a new contract record or changing an existing CustomerID field value.
5. Click Customer (if necessary), click the button to move the Customer field to
the Selected Fields list box, click CustomerID (if necessary), click the button
to move the CustomerID field to the Selected Fields list box, and then click the
Next button to display the next Lookup Wizard dialog box. This dialog box lets you
choose a sort order for the list box entries. Sarah wants the entries to appear in
ascending Customer order. Note that ascending is the default sort order.
6. Click the 1 arrow, click Customer , and then click the Next button to open the next
dialog box.
In this dialog box, you can adjust the widths of the lookup columns. Note that
when you resize a column to its best fit, Access resizes the column so that the wid-
est column heading and the visible field values fit the column width. However,
some field values that aren’t visible in this dialog box might be wider than the col-
umn width, so you must scroll down the column to make sure you don’t have to
repeat the column resizing.
7. Click the Customer column selector, press and hold down the Shift key, click the
CustomerID column selector to select both columns, release the Shift key, and
then place the pointer on the right edge of the CustomerID field column heading.
When the pointer changes to a shape, double-click to resize the columns to
their best fits, and then scroll down the columns, and repeat the resizing as
necessary. When you are finished, press Ctrl + Home to scroll back to the top of
the Customer column. See Figure 5-33.
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