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List of Customer and CustomerID field values
Figure 5-34
list box for the
lookup field
The customer for contract 3030 is Michael Ingram, so you need to select his entry
in the list box to change the CustomerID field value.
3. Scroll up the list box, and then click Ingram, Michael to select that value to dis-
play in the datasheet and to store the CustomerID field value of 11042 in the table.
The list box closes and “Ingram, Michael” appears in the Customer ID text box.
4. Save and close the tblContract table.
Sarah wants you to make changes to the design of the tblCustomer table, so you’ll
open the table in preparation for the changes.
5. Open the tblCustomer table in Datasheet view, and then close the Navigation Pane.
Sarah asks you to change the appearance of the Phone field in the tblCustomer table
to a standard telephone number format.
Using the Input Mask Wizard
The Phone field in the tblCustomer table is a 10-digit number that’s difficult to read
because it appears with none of the special formatting characters usually associated with
a telephone number. For example, the Phone field value for Sharon Maloney, which
appears as 6168663901, would be more readable in any of the following formats: 616-
866-3901, 616.866.3901, 616/866-3901, or (616) 866-3901. Sarah asks you to use the
(616) 866-3901 style for the Phone field.
Sarah wants the parentheses and hyphens to appear as literal display characters when-
ever users enter Phone field values. A literal display character is a special character that
automatically appears in specific positions of a field value; users don’t need to type literal
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