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Working with Memo Fields
You use a Memo field for long comments and explanations. Text fields are limited to 255
characters, but Memo fields can hold up to 65,535 characters. In addition, Text fields
limit you to plain text with no special formatting, but you can define Memo fields either
to store plain text similar to Text fields or to store rich text, which you can selectively for-
mat with options such as bold, italic, and different fonts and colors.
You’ll review the Memo field, named Comments, that Lucia added to the
tblCustomer table.
To review the Memo field in the tblCustomer table:
1. Open the Navigation Pane, open the tblCustomer table in Datasheet view, and
then close the Navigation Pane.
If you scroll to the right to view the Comments field, you’ll no longer be able to
identify which customer applies to a row because the Company, First Name, and
Last Name columns will be hidden. You’ll freeze those three columns so they
remain visible in the datasheet as you scroll to the right.
2. Click the Company column selector, press and hold down the Shift key, click the
Last Name column selector, and then release the Shift key to select the Company,
First Name, and Last Name columns.
3. In the Records group on the Home tab, click the More button, and then click
Freeze . The three selected columns shift to the left and are now the three leftmost
columns in the datasheet.
4. Scroll to the right until you see the Comments column. Notice that the Company,
First Name, and Last Name columns, the three leftmost columns, remain visible.
See Figure 5-43.
Figure 5-43
Freezing three datasheet columns
only part of the field values are
displayed in this Memo field
frozen columns
The Comments column is a Memo field that Belmont Landscapes staff members
use to store notes, explanations, and other commentary about the customer.
Notice that the Comments field value for Battle Creek Dental Partners displays rich
text, using a bold, italic, and blue font. The Comments field values are partially
hidden because the datasheet column is not wide enough. You’ll view the first
record’s Comments field value in the Zoom dialog box.
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