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Figure 5-44
Viewing the properties for a Memo field
current field,
a Memo field
vertical scroll bar for
Field Properties pane
Rich Text
property setting
Lucia set the Text Format property to Rich Text, which lets you format the
datasheet field contents using the options in the Font group on the Home tab. The
default Text Format property setting for a Memo field is Plain Text, which doesn’t
allow text formatting.
3. Click the arrow on the Text Format text box to close the list, and then click the
Append Only text box.
The Append Only property , which appears at the bottom of the list of properties,
tracks the changes that you make to a Memo field. The default setting of No lets
you edit the Memo field value in a normal way. Setting this property to Yes also
lets you edit the Memo field value in a normal way but, additionally, causes Access
to keep a historical record of all versions of the Memo field value. You can view
each version of the field value, along with a date and time stamp of when each
version change occurred.
You’ve finished your review of the Memo field, so you can close the table.
4. Close the tblCustomer table.
When employees at Belmont Landscapes open the Panorama database, a Security
Warning appears below the Ribbon, and they must “enable this content” in the database
before beginning their work. Sarah asks if you can eliminate this extra step when
employees open the database.
Designating a Trusted Folder
A database is a file, and files can contain malicious instructions that can damage other
files on your computer or files on other computers on your network. Unless you take
special steps, Access treats every database as a potential threat to your computer. One
such special step is to designate a folder as a trusted folder. A trusted folder is a folder
on a drive or network that you designate as trusted and where you place databases you
know are safe. When you open a database located in a trusted folder, Access treats it as a
safe file and no longer displays a Security Warning. You can also place files used with
other Microsoft Office programs, such as Word documents and Excel workbooks, in a
trusted folder to eliminate warnings when you open them.
Because the Panorama database does not contain harmful instructions, you’ll set up a
trusted folder in which to store it to eliminate the Security Warning when a user opens
the database.
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