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To show Sarah that adding the trusted location eliminates the Security Warning, you need
to close and then open the database. You’ve created several queries and completed several
table design changes, so you should compact and repair the Panorama database when you
reopen it. Lucia doesn’t use the Compact on Close option with the Panorama database,
because it’s possible to lose the database if there’s a computer malfunction when the
Compact on Close operation runs. As a precaution, you’ll make a backup copy of the data-
base before you reopen it. Making frequent backup copies of your critical files safeguards
your data from hardware and software malfunctions, which can occur at any time.
To copy, open, and compact and repair the Panorama database:
1. Click the Office Button
, and then click Close Database to close the
Panorama database.
2. Make a backup copy of the Panorama database, preferably to a USB drive or other
external medium, using a filename of Copy of Panorama_date, where date is the
current date in the format 2010_02_15, for example, if you made the backup on
February 15, 2010.
3. Make sure the Access window is the active window, and then click C:\Level.02\
... \Panorama in the Open Recent Database pane of the Getting Started window.
The database opens, and no Security Warning appears below the Ribbon because
the database is located in the trusted location you designated.
Next, you’ll compact and repair the database.
4. Click the Office Button
The date the database was
last opened appears below
the filename in the Open
Recent Database pane.
, point to Manage , and then click Compact and
Repair Database .
You’ve finished the work requested by Belmont Landscapes, so you can close the
database and exit Access.
5. Close the Panorama database and then exit Access, clicking the Yes button if you
are prompted to confirm that you want to exit Access and empty the Clipboard.
You’ve completed the table design changes to the Panorama database that will make
working with it easier and more accurate.
| Session 5.3 Quick Check
1. What is a lookup field?
2. A(n)
is a predefined format you use to enter and display data in
a field.
3. What is property propagation?
4. Define the Validation Rule property, and give an example of when you would use it.
5. Define the Validation Text property, and give an example of when you would use it.
6. Setting a Memo field’s Text Format property to
lets you format
its contents.
7. A(n)
folder is a location in which you can place safe databases.
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