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Tutorial Summary
In this tutorial, you built on your earlier work with simple queries by learning how to use
pattern and list-of-values matches, the Not operator, the & operator, and the IIf function.
You also learned how to create parameter, crosstab, find duplicates, find unmatched, and
top values queries. You enhanced the design of tables by creating lookup fields and input
masks and by defining field and table validation rules. You also learned how to identify
object dependencies, work with Memo fields, and designate trusted folders.
Key Terms
& (ampersand) operator
Append Only property
Caption property
crosstab query
Crosstab Query Wizard
field validation rule
find duplicates query
Find Duplicates Query
find unmatched query
Find Unmatched Query
IIf (Immediate If) function
In comparison operator
input mask
Input Mask Wizard
IsNull function
Like comparison operator
list-of-values match
literal display character
lookup field
Lookup Wizard field
Not logical operator
Object Dependencies pane
object dependency
parameter query
pattern match
property propagation
SQL (Structured Query
table validation rule
Text Format property
Top Values property
trusted folder
Validation Rule property
Validation Text property
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