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15. Define a table validation rule for the tblMember table to verify that JoinDate field
values precede ExpirationDate field values in time. Use an appropriate validation
message. Save your table changes, test the table validation rule, making sure any
tested field values are the same as they were before your testing.
16. Add a Memo field named MemberComments as the last field in the tblMember
table. Set the Caption property to Member Comments and the Text Format property
to Rich Text. In the table datasheet, resize the new column to its best fit, and then
add a comment in the Memo field in the first record about the types of physical
activities you pursue, formatting the text with blue, italic font. Save your table
changes, and then close the table.
17. Designate the Level.02\Case2 folder as a trusted folder. ( Note: Check with your
instructor before adding a new trusted location.)
18. Close the Training database without exiting Access, make a backup copy of the data-
base, open the Training database, compact and repair the database, close the data-
base, and then exit Access.
| Case Problem 3
Apply the skills you’ve
learned, and explore
some new skills, to
work with a database
that contains data
about an agency
that recycles
household goods.
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Agency.accdb
Rossi Recycling Group The Rossi Recycling Group is a not-for-profit agency in Salina,
Kansas that provides recycled household goods to needy people and families at no
charge. Residents of Salina and surrounding communities donate cash and goods, such
as appliances, furniture, and tools, to the Rossi Recycling Group. The group’s volunteers
then coordinate with local human services agencies to distribute the goods to those in
need. The Rossi Recycling Group was established by Mary and Tom Rossi, who live on
the outskirts of Salina on a small farm. Mary and Tom organize the volunteers to collect
the goods and store the collected items in their barn for distribution. Tom has created an
Access database to keep track of information about donors, their donations, and the
human services agencies. He wants you to create several queries and to make changes to
the table design of the database. To do so, you’ll complete the following steps:
1. Open the Agency database, which is located in the Level.02\Case3 folder provided
with your Data Files.
2. Modify the first record in the tblDonor table datasheet by changing the Title, First
Name, and Last Name column values to your title and name. Close the table.
3. Create a query to find all records in the tblDonation table in which the AgencyID
field value starts with either the letter R or the letter W. Display all fields in the
query recordset, and sort in descending order by DonationValue. Save the query as
qryROrWAgencyDonations , run the query, and then close it.
4. Make a copy of the qryAgenciesByCity query using the new name
qryNonSalinaAgencies . Modify the new query to select all records in which the City
field value is not Salina. Save and run the query, and then close it.
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