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Session 5.1
1. Caption
2. Like
3. a wildcard that represents any string of characters in a pattern match query
4. to define a condition with two or more values
5. Use the Not logical operator to negate a condition.
6. IIf (or Immediate If)
7. when you want to prompt the user to enter the selection criterion when the
query runs
Session 5.2
1. It performs aggregate function calculations on the values of one database field and
displays the results in a spreadsheet format.
2. Simple Query Wizard, Crosstab Query Wizard, Find Duplicates Query Wizard, Find
Unmatched Query Wizard
3. It finds duplicate records in a table or query based on the values in one or more
4. It finds all records in a table or query that have no related records in a second table
or query.
5. You limit the number of records displayed in the query results.
6. Access displays the first five records.
Session 5.3
1. A field that lets you select a value from a list of possible values
2. input mask
3. an Access feature that updates control properties in objects when you modify table
field properties
4. A property that specifies the valid values that users can enter in a field. You could
use this property to specify that users can enter only positive numeric values in a
numeric field.
5. A property value that appears in a dialog box if a user violates the field’s validation
rule. You could display the message “Must be a positive integer” if the user enters a
value less than or equal to zero.
6. Rich Text
7. Trusted
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