Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Tutorial 6
Using Form Tools and
Creating Custom Forms
Creating Forms for Belmont Landscapes
Session 6.1
• Change a lookup field
to a Text field
• View and print data-
base documentation
• Create datasheet,
multiple items, and
split forms
• Modify a form and
anchor form controls
in Layout view
Case | Belmont Landscapes
Session 6.2
• Plan, design, and cre-
ate a custom form in
Design view and in
Layout view
• Select, move, align,
resize, delete, and
rename controls in
a form
• Add a combo box to
a form
• Add form headers and
footers to a form
Oren Belmont hired Lucia Perez to enhance the Panorama database, and she
initially concentrated on standardizing the table design and creating queries for
Belmont Landscapes. Sarah Fisher and her staff created a few forms before
Lucia’s hiring, and Lucia’s next priority is to work with Sarah to create new
forms that will be more useful and easier to use.
In this tutorial, you will create new forms for Belmont Landscapes. In creating
the forms, you will use many Access form customization features, such as add-
ing controls and a subform to a form, using combo boxes and calculated con-
trols, and adding color and special effects to a form. These features will make it
easier for Sarah and her staff to interact with the Panorama database.
Session 6.3
• Add a combo box to a
form to find records
• Add a subform to
a form
• Add calculated con-
trols to a form and a
• Change the tab order
in a form
• Improve the appear-
ance of a form
Starting Data Files
Panorama.accdb (cont.) Products.accdb (cont.) Contract.accdb (cont.)
Training.accdb (cont.)
Agency.accdb (cont.)
Vacation.accdb (cont.) ACE.accdb (cont.)
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