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To change the data type of the CustomerID field:
1. Start Access, and then open the Panorama database in the Level.02\Tutorial folder
provided with your Data Files.
Trouble? If the Security Warning is displayed below the Ribbon, either the Pan-
orama database is not located in the Level.02\Tutorial folder or you did not desig-
nate that folder as a trusted folder. Make sure you opened the database in the
Level.02\Tutorial folder, and make sure that it’s a trusted folder.
2. Open the Navigation Pane, open the tblContract table in Design view, and then
close the Navigation Pane.
3. Click the Field Name box for the CustomerID field, and then click the Lookup tab
in the Field Properties pane. The Field Properties pane now displays the lookup
properties for the CustomerID field. See Figure 6-1.
You can press the F11 key
to open or close the
Navigation Pane.
Lookup properties for the CustomerID field
Figure 6-1
current field
click here to
display a list arrow
and a list box
Notice the Row Source property , which specifies the data source for a control in a
form or report or for a field in a table or query. The Row Source property is usually
set to a table name, a query name, or an SQL statement. For the CustomerID field,
the Row Source property is set to an SQL SELECT statement. You’ll learn more
about SQL later in the text.
To remove the lookup feature for the CustomerID field, you need to change the
Display Control property , which specifies the default control used to display a
field, from Combo Box to Text Box.
4. Click the right side of the Display Control property box, and then click Text Box . All
the lookup properties in the Field Properties pane disappear, and the CustomerID
field changes back to a Text field without lookup properties.
5. Click the General tab in the Field Properties pane and notice that the properties
for a Text field still apply to the CustomerID field.
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