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Printing Database Relationships and Using the
You can print the Relationships window to document the fields, tables, and relationships
in a database. You can also use the Documenter , another Access tool, to create detailed
documentation of all, or selected, objects in a database. For each selected object, the
Documenter lets you print documentation, such as the object’s properties and relation-
ships, and the fields used by the object and their properties. You can use the documenta-
tion to help you understand an object and to help you plan changes to that object.
Using the Documenter
| Reference Window
• Start Access and open the database you want to document.
• In the Analyze group on the Database Tools tab, click the Database Documenter button.
• Select the object(s) you want to document.
• If necessary, click the Options button to select specific documentation options for the
selected object(s), and then click the OK button.
• Click the OK button, print the documentation, and then close the Object Definition
Next, you’ll print the Relationships window and use the Documenter to create documen-
tation for the tblContract table. Sarah will show her staff the tblContract table documentation
as a sample of the information that the Documenter provides.
To print the Relationships window and use the Documenter:
1. In the Tools group on the Design tab, click the Relationship Report button to open
the Relationships for Panorama report in Print Preview. See Figure 6-3.
Relationships for Panorama report
Figure 6-3
2. In the Print group on the Print Preview tab, click the Print button, select your
printer in the Name text box, and then click the OK button. Access prints the Rela-
tionships for Panorama report.
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