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3. Click the Close ‘Relationships for Panorama’ button on the Relationships for
Panorama tab to close the window. A dialog box opens and asks if you want to save
the report. Because you can easily create the report at any time, you won’t save it.
4. Click the No button to close the report without saving changes, and then close the
Relationships window.
Now you’ll use the Documenter to create detailed documentation for the tblContract
table as a sample to show Sarah.
5. On the Ribbon, click the Database Tools tab. In the Analyze group, click the
Database Documenter button, and then click the Tables tab (if necessary) in the
Documenter dialog box. See Figure 6-4.
Figure 6-4
Documenter dialog box
click to display all
d atabase objects
in the list box
option to select
all objects in the
l i st box
click to display
more options for
the selected
object type
6. Click the tblContract check box, and then click the Options button. The Print
Table Definition dialog box opens. See Figure 6-5.
Figure 6-5
Print Table Definition dialog box
different optio ns
may be selected
on your screen
You select which documentation you want the Documenter to include for the
selected table, its fields, and its indexes. Sarah asks you to include all table docu-
mentation and the second options for fields and for indexes.
7. Make sure all check boxes are checked in the Include for Table section, click the
Names, Data Types, and Sizes option button in the Include for Fields section (if
necessary), click the Names and Fields option button in the Include for Indexes
section (if necessary), click the OK button, and then click the OK button. The Docu-
menter dialog box closes and the Object Definition report opens in Print Preview.
8. In the Zoom group on the Print Preview tab, click the arrow on the Zoom button,
and then click Zoom 100% .
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