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When you need to view more of the horizontal contents of an open object, you can
close the Navigation Pane. You can also minimize the Ribbon when you want to
view more of the vertical contents of an open object. To minimize the Ribbon,
double-click any tab on the Ribbon, or right-click a tab and then click Minimize the
Ribbon. To restore the Ribbon, double-click any tab on the Ribbon, or right-click a
tab and then click Minimize the Ribbon (it’s a toggle option).
9. Double-click the Print Preview tab on the Ribbon to minimize the Ribbon, and
then scroll down the report so you can see the date at the top of the window. See
Figure 6-6.
After minimizing the
Ribbon, if you click, instead
of double-click, any tab on
the Ribbon, the full Ribbon
appears and then mini-
mizes again as soon as you
click anywhere outside the
Object Definition report for the tblContract table
Figure 6-6
d ouble-clicking
the tab restores
the Ribbon
t a ble
relation ship
The Object Definition report displays table, field, and relationship documentation
for the tblContract table.
10. Scroll down the Object Definition report to view the remaining information in the
documentation, print the documentation if your instructor asks you to do so, and
then close the Object Definition report. Notice that the Navigation Pane is closed
and the Ribbon is minimized.
Sarah and her staff will review the printout of the Relationships window and the docu-
mentation about the tblContract table and decide if they need to view additional
documentation. Next, you’ll create new forms for Sarah and her staff.
Creating Forms Using Form Tools
The Panorama database currently contains four forms: the frmContract form was created
using the Form tool, the frmCustomer form was created using the Form Wizard, and the frm-
CustomerContracts main form and its frmContractSubform subform were created using the
Form Wizard. Only the frmCustomer form is a custom form. Design changes that were made
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