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to the frmCustomer form in Layout view include changing its AutoFormat, changing its form
title color and its line type, adding a picture, and moving a field.
Sarah wants to view the forms that can be created using other types of form tools, so she
can determine if any of the forms would be helpful to her when updating the database.
Creating a Form Using the Datasheet Tool
The Datasheet tool creates a form in a datasheet format that contains all the fields in the
source table or query. You’ll use the Datasheet tool to create a form based on the
tblContract table.
To create the form using the Datasheet tool:
1. Open the Navigation Pane, and then click tblContract (if necessary) in the Naviga-
tion Pane.
2. Double-click the Create tab on the Ribbon to restore the Ribbon and to display the
Create tab.
3. In the Forms group, click the More Forms button, and then click Datasheet . The
Datasheet tool creates a form showing every field in the tblContract table in a
datasheet format. See Figure 6-7.
When you use the
Datasheet tool, the record
source (either a table or
query) for the form must
either be open or selected
in the Navigation Pane.
Figure 6-7
Form created by the Datasheet tool
selected table
is the basis for
the new form
default form
name o n the
new form’s tab
Datasheet view
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