Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Office OFF 1
Getting Started
with Microsoft
Office 2007
Preparing a Meeting Agenda
• Explore the programs
that comprise
Microsoft Office
• Start programs and
switch between them
• Explore common
window elements
• Minimize, maximize,
and restore windows
• Use the Ribbon, tabs,
and buttons
• Use the contextual
tabs, Mini toolbar, and
shortcut menus
• Save, close, and open
a file
• Use the Help system
• Print a file
• Exit programs
Case | Recycled Palette
Recycled Palette, a company in Oregon founded by Ean Nogella in 2006, sells
100 percent recycled latex paint to both individuals and businesses in the area.
The high-quality recycled paint is filtered to industry standards and tested for
performance and environmental safety. The paint is available in both 1 gallon
cans and 5 gallon pails, and comes in colors ranging from white to shades of
brown, blue, green, and red. The demand for affordable recycled paint has been
growing each year. Ean and all his employees use Microsoft Office 2007, which
provides everyone in the company with the power and flexibility to store a vari-
ety of information, create consistent files, and share data. In this tutorial, you’ll
review how the company’s employees use Microsoft Office 2007.
Starting Data Files
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