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In previous tutorials, you’ve shown Sarah how to use some of the form modification
options on the Format tab, and you’ll use other options on this tab later in this tutorial, so
you won’t show her any Format tab options now. Instead, you’ll show her some options
on the Arrange tab. For a split form, options on the Arrange tab apply only to the form
and do not apply to the datasheet.
To modify the form in Layout view:
1. Click the Arrange tab on the Ribbon.
The form’s label and text box controls for the fields from the tblContract table are
grouped in a control layout. A control layout is a set of controls grouped together
in a form or report, so that you can manipulate the set as a single control. For
example, you can move and resize all the controls in a control layout as a
group—moving or resizing one control in the control layout moves or resizes all con-
trols in the control layout. You also can rearrange fields and their attached labels
within the control layout.
All the text boxes in the control layout are the same width. The first five text
boxes—from the ContractNum text box to the StartDate text box—are much wider
than necessary. However, if you reduce the width of any text box in a control layout,
all text boxes in the control layout are also resized. Sarah wants you to reduce the
width of the first five text boxes and to move and resize the ContractType label and
text box.
2. Click the layout selector , which is located at the top-left corner of the
Contract Num label, to select the entire control layout. An orange outline, which
identifies the controls that you’ve selected, appears around the labels and text
boxes in the form. See Figure 6-14.
Control layout selected in the form
Figure 6-14
all controls
in the
control layout
are selected
Next, you’ll resize the text boxes in the control layout.
3. Click the ContractNum text box (the text box that contains the value 3011) to
deselect the control layout and select the ContractNum text box, hold down the
Shift key, click each of the five text boxes below the ContractNum text box, and
then release the Shift key to select all six text boxes in the control layout. When
you resize one of the text boxes, all six selected text boxes will be resized equally.
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