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4. Position the pointer on the right edge of the SigningDate text box until the pointer
changes to a shape, click and drag to the left until the right edge is just to the
right of the SigningDate field value, and then release the mouse button. You’ve
resized all six text boxes. See Figure 6-15.
Figure 6-15
After resizing the text boxes in the control layout
option for
removing controls
from a
control layout
options for
creating a
control layout
re sized
text boxes
Trouble? If you resize the text boxes too far to the left, number signs appear
inside the SigningDate and StartDate text boxes. Drag the right edge of the text
boxes slightly to the right and repeat the process until the date values are visible
inside the text boxes.
The control layout for the form is a stacked layout , which arranges text box con-
trols vertically with a label to the left of each control; you click the Stacked button
in the Control Layout group to place selected controls in a stacked layout. You can
also choose a tabular layout , which arranges text box controls in a datasheet for-
mat with labels above each column; you click the Tabular button in the Control Lay-
out group to place selected controls in a tabular layout.
You can now remove the ContractType text box and its label from the stacked lay-
out, move the two controls, and then resize the text box.
5. Click the ContractType text box, and then in the Control Layout group, click the
Remove button. An orange outline appears around the ContractType text box and
its label, indicating that the two controls have been removed from the stacked
6. Make sure that the ContractType text box and its label are selected, and then drag
the two controls up and to the right until their tops are aligned with the top of the
ContractNum controls. See Figure 6-16. ( Note: You will resize the ContractType
text box in the next step.)
7. Click the ContractType text box so that it’s the only selected control, and then
drag the right edge of the control to the right and the bottom edge of the control
down to the positions shown in Figure 6-16.
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