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automatically resizes the control and places the control in the same relative position on
the screen as the screen size and resolution change. Unfortunately, when you use the
Anchor property, Access doesn’t scale the control’s font size to match the screen size and
Next, you’ll show Sarah how to anchor controls in a form. Because all monitors at Bel-
mont Landscapes are the same size and use the same resolution, first you’ll save the split
form, so that you can demonstrate anchoring and then discard those changes to the form.
To anchor controls in the form:
1. Save the form as frmContractSplit .
You can’t anchor individual controls in a control layout; you can only anchor the
entire control layout as a group. You’ve already removed the ContractType controls
from the stacked layout, so you can anchor them separately from the stacked
layout. You’ll remove the SigningDate and StartDate controls from the stacked lay-
out, so you’ll have three sets of controls to anchor—the stacked layout is one set,
the ContractType controls are in the second set, and the SigningDate and
StartDate controls make up the third set.
2. Use Shift + Click to select the SigningDate and StartDate text boxes, and then
click the Remove button in the Control Layout group to remove these two controls
and their labels from the stacked layout.
First, you’ll anchor the selected SigningDate and StartDate controls.
3. In the Position group on the Arrange tab, click the Anchoring button to open the
Anchoring gallery. See Figure 6-17.
Figure 6-17
Displaying the Anchoring gallery
Anchori ng
form name
selected controls
r emoved from
the stacked
Four of the nine options in the Anchoring gallery fix the position of the selected
controls in the top left (the default setting), bottom left, top right, or bottom right
positions in the form. If other controls block the corner positions for controls you’re
anchoring for the first time, the new controls are positioned in relation to the
blocking controls. The other five anchoring options resize, or stretch, and position
the selected controls.
You’ll anchor the SigningDate and StartDate controls in the bottom left and the
ContractType controls in the top right.
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