Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
You’ve finished showing Sarah Layout view changes to the split form, so you can
close the form without saving the anchoring changes.
9. Close the frmContractSplit form without saving your design changes.
10. If you are not continuing on to the next session, close the Panorama database, and
then exit Access.
You’ve used form wizards and form tools to create forms, and you’ve modified forms
in Layout view. In the next session, you will continue your work with forms, concentrat-
ing on the techniques, tools, and options available in Design view.
| Session 6.1 Quick Check
1. According to the form design guidelines, which object(s) should you use to perform
all database updates?
2. The property specifies the data source for a control in a form or
report or for a field in a table or query.
3. What is the Documenter?
4. What is the Multiple Items tool?
5. What is a split form?
6. The property for a control automatically resizes the control and
places the control in the same relative position on the screen as the screen’s size
and resolution change.
Session 6.2
Planning and Designing a Custom Form
Sarah needs a form to enter and view information about Belmont Landscapes’ contracts
and their related invoices. She wants the information in a single form, and she asks Lucia
to design a form for her review.
After several discussions with Sarah and her staff, Lucia prepared a paper design for a
custom form to display a contract and its related invoices. Lucia then used her paper
design to create the form shown in Figure 6-19.
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