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Reference Window | Creating a Form in Design View
• Click the Create tab on the Ribbon.
• In the Forms group, click the Blank Form button.
• Click the Design View button on the status bar.
• Make sure the Field List pane is open, and then add the required fields to the form.
• Add other required controls to the form.
• Modify the size, position, and other properties as necessary for the fields and other con-
trols in the form.
• Save the form.
The form you’ll create will be a bound form. A bound form is a form that has a table
or query as its record source. You use bound forms for maintaining and displaying table
data. Unbound forms are forms that do not have a record source and are usually used
for forms that help users navigate among the objects in a database. Now you’ll create a
blank bound form based on the tblContract table.
To create a blank form in Design view:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure that the Panorama data-
base is open and the Navigation Pane is open.
2. Click the Create tab on the Ribbon and then, in the Forms group on the Create
tab, click the Blank Form button. Access opens the Form window in Layout view.
3. Click the Design View button on the status bar to switch to Design view, and
then close the Navigation Pane. See Figure 6-20.
Figure 6-20
Blank form in Design view
button to
the Field
List pane
buttons for
adding controls
to the form
section bar
List pane
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