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To add bound controls from the tblContract table to the grid:
1. Double-click ContractNum in the Field List pane. Access adds a bound control in
the Detail section of the form, removes the tblCustomer and tblInvoice tables from
the “Fields available for this view” section of the Field List pane, and places the
two tables in the “Fields available in related tables” section of the Field List pane.
2. Repeat Step 1 for the ContractAmt , SigningDate , StartDate , CustomerID , and
ContractType fields, in this order, in the Field List pane. Six bound controls—one
for each of the six fields in the Field List pane—have been added in the Detail sec-
tion of the form. See Figure 6-21.
Figure 6-21
Adding text boxes and attached labels as bound controls to a form
six text boxes
a re bound controls
connected to the
table field values
related to the
tblContract table
You should periodically save your work as you create a form, so you’ll now save
the form.
3. Click the Save button
on the Quick Access Toolbar. The Save As dialog box
4. With the default name Form1 selected in the Form Name text box, type
frmContractsAndInvoices , and then press the Enter key. The tab for the form
now displays the form name, and the form design is saved in the Panorama
You’ve added the fields you need to the grid, so you can close the Field List pane.
5. In the Tools group on the Design tab, click the Add Existing Fields button to close
the Field List pane.
Creating and modifying a form in Design view might seem awkward at first. With
practice you will become comfortable working with custom forms.
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