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Resizing a Control
| Reference Window
• Click the control to select it and display the sizing handles.
• Place the pointer over the sizing handle you want, and then drag the edge of the control
until it is the size you want.
• To resize selected controls in small increments, hold down the Shift key and press the
appropriate arrow key. This technique applies the resizing to the right edge and the bot-
tom edge of the control.
You’ll begin by deleting the CustomerID bound control. Then you’ll resize the
ContractType text box, which is too narrow and too short to display ContractType field
values. Then you’ll resize the remaining four text boxes to reduce their widths.
To delete a bound control and resize the text boxes:
1. Switch to Design view, click an unused portion of the grid to deselect all controls,
and then click the CustomerID text box to select it.
2. Right-click the CustomerID text box to open the shortcut menu, and then click
Delete . The label and the text box for the CustomerID bound control are deleted.
3. Click the ContractType text box to select it.
4. Place the pointer on the middle-right handle of the ContractType text box. When
the pointer changes to a shape, drag the right border horizontally to the right
to the 6-inch mark on the horizontal ruler.
5. Place the pointer on the middle-bottom handle of the ContractType text box. When
the pointer changes to a shape, drag the bottom border down to the 1.75-inch
mark on the vertical ruler. See Figure 6-26.
If you want to delete a
label but not its associated
text box, right-click the
label, and then click Delete
on the shortcut menu.
After resizing the ContractType text box
Figure 6-26
width and
Resizing controls in Design view is a trial-and-error process, in which you resize a
control in Design view, switch to Form view to observe the effect of the resizing,
switch back to Design view to make further refinements to the control’s size, and
continue until the control is sized correctly. It’s easier to resize controls in Layout
view, because you can see actual field values while you resize the controls. You’ll
resize the other four text boxes in Layout view.
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