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To set the Caption property value for the Customer ID label:
1. Right-click the Customer ID label, which is the control to the left of the
CustomerID text box, to select it and to display the shortcut menu, and then click
Properties on the shortcut menu. The property sheet for the Customer ID
label opens.
2. If necessary, click the All tab to display all properties for the selected
Customer ID label.
Trouble? If the Selection type entry below the Property Sheet title bar is not
“Label,” then you selected the wrong control in Step 1. Click the Customer ID label
to change to the property sheet for this control.
3. Click before the “ID” in the Caption text box, press the spacebar , press the End
key, type a colon, and then press the Tab key to move to the next property in the
property sheet. The Caption property value should now be Customer ID: and the
label for the CustomerID bound control now displays Customer ID:. See
Figure 6-28.
After selecting a control,
you can press the F4 key to
open and close the prop-
erty sheet for the control.
After you’ve set a property
value, you won’t see the
effects of the new setting
until you select another
property in the property
sheet, select another con-
trol in the form, or close
the property sheet.
CustomerID combo box added to the form
Figure 6-28
type for
the selected
CustomerID combo
box with attached
label to its left
Name property
value for the
label control
property value
for the selected
label control
Trouble? Some property values in your property sheet, such as the Width and Top
property values, might differ if your label’s position slightly differs from the label
position used as the basis for Figure 6-28. These differences cause no problems.
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