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CustomerID combo box in Form view
Figure 6-29
combo box
with arrow
Cus tomerID
list box
You need to widen the CustomerID combo box, so that the widest customer value
in the list is displayed in the combo box. You can widen the combo box in Layout
view or in Design view. Because Layout view displays live data, you’ll use Layout
view instead of Design view to make this change because you can determine the
proper width more accurately in Layout view.
7. Switch to Layout view, and then navigate to record 16. Weston Community Parks
Foundation, which is the customer value for this record, is the widest value that is
displayed in the combo box. You want to widen the combo box, so that the value in
record 16 is completely visible.
8. Make sure that only the combo box is selected, and then pointing to the right
edge, widen the combo box until the entire customer value is visible. See
Figure 6-30.
After resizing the CustomerID combo box in Layout view
Figure 6-30
combo box
Now you’ll add the title to the top of the form.
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