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Figure 6-32
Form Header and Form Footer sections in Design view
grids or
Form Footer
s ection with
zero height
5. If you are not continuing on to the next session, close the Panorama database, and
then exit Access.
The form now contains a Form Header section that displays the title, a Detail section
that displays the bound controls and combo box, and a Form Footer section that is set to
a height of zero. Each section consists of a section selector and a section bar, either of
which you can click to select and set properties for the entire section, and a grid or back-
ground, which is where you place controls that you want display in the form. The form
selector is the selector at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical rulers; you click
the form selector when you want to select the form and set its properties. The vertical
ruler is segmented into sections for the Form Header section, the Detail section, and the
Form Footer section.
So far, you’ve added controls to the form and modified the controls by selecting, mov-
ing, aligning, resizing, and deleting them. You’ve added and modified a combo box and
added a title in the Form Header section. In the next session, you will continue your
work with the custom form by adding a combo box to find records, adding a subform,
adding calculated controls, changing form and section properties, and changing control
| Session 6.2 Quick Check
1. What is a bound form, and when do you use bound forms?
2. What is the difference between a bound control and an unbound control?
3. The consists of the dotted and solid lines that appear in the
Detail section to help you position controls precisely in a form.
4. The handle in a selected object’s upper-left corner is the
5. How do you move a selected text box and its label at the same time?
6. How do you resize a control?
7. A(n) control provides the features of a text box and a list box.
8. How do you change a label’s caption?
9. What is the Form Header section?
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