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Session 6.3
Adding a Combo Box to Find Records
Most combo boxes, such as the CustomerID combo box, are used to display and update
data. You can also use combo boxes to find records. You will add a combo box to the Form
Header section to find a specific record in the tblContract table to display in the form.
Adding a Combo Box to Find Records
| Reference Window
• Open the property sheet for the form in Design view, make sure the record source is a
table or query, and then close the property sheet.
• In the Controls section on the Design tab, click the Combo Box button, and then click the
position in the form where you want to place the control.
• Click the third option button (Find a record on my form based on the value I selected in
my combo box) in the first Combo Box Wizard dialog box, and then complete the remain-
ing Combo Box Wizard dialog boxes.
You can use the Combo Box Wizard to add a combo box to find records in a form.
However, the Combo Box Wizard provides this find option only if the form’s record
source is a table or query. You’ll view the property sheet for the form to view the Record
Source property, and you’ll change the property setting, if necessary.
To add a combo box to find records to the form:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure that the Panorama data-
base is open, the frmContractsAndInvoices form is open in Design view, and the
Navigation Pane is closed.
2. Click the form selector (located to the left of the horizontal ruler) to select the
form, open the property sheet, and then click the All tab (if necessary). The prop-
erty sheet displays the properties for the form. See Figure 6-33.
Property sheet settings for the form
Figure 6-33
add combo
box here
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