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You’ll align the right edges of the two combo boxes, move the attached label close
to the combo box, and then align the bottoms of the combo box and its attached
label with the bottom of the title in the Form Header section.
9. Deselect all controls, select the two combo boxes (one in the Form Header section
and the other in the Detail section), right-click one of the selected controls, point to
Align , and then click Right . The two combo boxes are aligned on their right edges.
10. Click the Select Contract label, point to the label’s move handle, and then drag
the label to the right until it is two grid dots to the left of the combo box.
11. Select the combo box in the Form Header section, the Select Contract label, and the
title, right-click one of the selected controls, point to Align , click Bottom , and then
click the Select Contract label. The three controls are aligned on their bottom edges.
See Figure 6-35.
After aligning the combo box and its label
Figure 6-35
combo box
and label
You’ll save your form changes and view the new combo box in Form view.
To find contract records using the combo box:
1. Save the form design changes, and then switch to Form view.
2. Click the Select Contract combo box arrow to open the combo box’s list box. See
Figure 6-36.
Displaying the combo box’s list of contract numbers
Figure 6-36
l ist of
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