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Lucia’s form design includes all fields from the tblInvoice table in the subform,
except the ContractNum field, which is already placed in the Detail section of the
form from the tblContract table.
3. Click the button to move all available fields to the Selected Fields list box, click
ContractNum in the Selected Fields list box, click the button, and then click the
Next button to open the next SubForm Wizard dialog box. See Figure 6-37.
Selecting the linking field
Figure 6-37
make sure
this option
is selected
m ak e sure
this link
is selected
subfo rm
In this dialog box, you select the link between the primary tblContract table and
the related tblInvoice table. The common field in the two tables, ContractNum,
links the tables. Access uses the ContractNum field to display a record in the main
form, which displays data from the primary tblContract table, and to select and
display the related records for that contract in the subform, which displays data
from the related tblInvoice table.
4. Make sure the Choose from a list option button is selected and that the first link is
highlighted, and then click the Next button. The next SubForm Wizard dialog box
lets you specify a name for the subform.
5. Type frmInvoiceSubform and then click the Finish button. Access increases the
height and width of the subform in the form. The subform is where the related
tblInvoice records will appear. The subform label appears above the subform and
displays the subform name.
6. Deselect all controls, save your form changes, switch to Form view, and then click
the ContractNum text box to deselect the value. See Figure 6-38.
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