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Figure 6-38
Viewing the subform in Form view
The subform displays the two invoices related to the first contract record for con-
tract number 3011.
Trouble? If the size of the columns in your datasheet differs or the position of your
subform is different, don’t worry. You’ll resize all columns to their best fit and move
the subform later.
After viewing the form, Sarah identifies some modifications she wants you to make.
The subform is not properly sized and the columns in the subform are not sized to their
best fit. She wants you to resize the subform and its columns, so that all columns in the
subform are entirely visible. Also, she asks you to delete the subform label, because the
label is unnecessary for identifying the subform contents. You’ll switch to Design view to
make these changes.
To modify the subform’s design:
1. Switch to Design view. Notice that in Design view, the subform data does not
appear in a datasheet format as it does in Form view. That difference causes no
problem; you can ignore it.
First, you’ll delete the subform label.
2. Deselect all controls, right-click the subform label to open the shortcut menu
(make sure no other controls have handles), and then click Cut .
Next, you’ll open the subform in another window, and then resize the columns to
their best fit in Datasheet view.
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