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3. Move the pointer to the edge of the subform border, click the border’s edge to
select the subform (an orange border and handles appear on the subform’s border
when the subform is selected), position the pointer on the border and right-click
the border when the pointer changes to a shape, and then click Subform in
New Window on the shortcut menu. The subform opens in Design view. You’ll
switch to Datasheet view to resize the columns to their best fit.
4. Switch to Datasheet view, and then resize all columns to their best fit, scrolling
down the datasheet to resize the Invoice Item column again, as necessary.
5. Save your design changes, and then close the frmInvoiceSubform form.
Trouble? If the subform in the frmContractsAndInvoices form appears to be blank
after you close the frmInvoiceSubform, don’t worry. This is a temporary effect; the
subform’s controls do still exist.
Next, you’ll move and resize the subform in Layout view, where you can more easily
observe the effects of your changes.
6. Switch to Layout view, click the edge of the subform to select it, hold down the Shift
key, click the Start Date label, and then release the Shift key. The subform and the
Start Date label are selected, and you’ll align the two controls on their left edges.
7. Click the Arrange tab on the Ribbon, and then in the Control Alignment group on
the Arrange tab, click Left . The two controls are aligned on their left edges.
Next, you’ll widen the subform on its right side.
8. Hold down the Shift key, click the Start Date label to deselect it, release the Shift
key, leaving only the subform selected, and then drag the right edge of the sub-
form to the right until all five datasheet columns are fully visible. See Figure 6-39.
After moving and resizing the subform in Layout view
Figure 6-39
subform and
label aligned
on their
left edges
sub f orm
su bform
You’ve finished your work with the subform, and now you need to add two calculated
controls to the main form. The first calculated control will display the number of invoices
displayed in the subform, and the other will display the total of the invoice amounts dis-
played in the subform.
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