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Figure 6-43
After adding two calculated controls
number of
invoices in
the subform
total of the
invoice amounts
in the subform
labels for the
calculated controls
need resizing and
two records
with $4,000 total
invoice amount
Next, you need to resize, move, and format the two calculated controls and their
attached labels.
Resizing, Moving, and Formatting Calculated Controls
In addition to resizing and repositioning the two calculated controls and their attached
labels, you need to change the format of the rightmost calculated control to Currency
and to set the following properties for both calculated controls:
• Set the Tab Stop property to a value of No. The Tab Stop property specifies whether
users can use the Tab key to move to a control on a form. If the Tab Stop property is set
to No, users can’t tab to the control.
• Set the ControlTip Text property to a value of “Calculated total number of invoices for
this contract” for the leftmost calculated control and “Calculated invoice total for this
contract” for the rightmost calculated control. The ControlTip Text property specifies
the text that appears in a ScreenTip when users hold the mouse pointer over a control
on a form.
| Setting Properties in the Property Sheet
You can set many properties in the property sheet by typing a value in the property’s text
box, by selecting a value from the property’s list box, or by double-clicking the property
name. If you need to set a property by typing a long text entry, you can open the Zoom dia-
log box and type the entry in the dialog box. You can also use Expression Builder to help you
enter expressions.
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