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Changing the Tab Order in a Form
Pressing the Tab key in Form view moves the focus from one control to another. Focus
refers to the control that is currently active and awaiting user action; focus also refers to
the object and record that is currently active. The order in which you move from control
to control, or change the focus, in a form when you press the Tab key is called the tab
order . Sarah wants to verify that the tab order in the main form is top-to-bottom, left-to-
right. First, you’ll verify that users can’t update the calculated controls.
To test the calculated controls and modify the tab order:
1. Select 2 in the Number of Invoices text box, and then press the 8 key. The Number
of Invoices value remains at 2, and a message is displayed on the status bar. See
Figure 6-47.
After attempting to update a calculated control
Figure 6-47
calculated control
cannot be
updated by users
status bar
The status bar message warns you that you can’t update, or edit, the calculated
control because it’s bound to an expression. The calculated control in the main form
changes in value only when the value of the expression changes.
2. Click the Invoice Amount Total text box, and then press any key. The value
remains unchanged, and a message displays on the status bar, because you cannot
edit a calculated control.
Next, you’ll determine the tab order of the fields in the main form. Sarah wants the
tab order to be down and then across.
3. Select 3011 in the ContractNum text box, press the Tab key to advance to the
ContractAmt text box, and then press the Tab key five more times to advance to
the SigningDate, StartDate, ContractType, CustomerID text boxes, in order, and
then to the subform.
You tab through the text boxes in a main form before tabbing through the fields in
a subform. In the main form, tabbing bypasses the two calculated controls because
you set their Tab Stop property to No, and you bypass the Select Contract combo
box because it’s an unbound control. Also, you tab through only the text boxes in a
form, not the labels.
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