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The tab order Sarah wants for the text boxes in the main form (top-to-bottom,
left-to-right) is correct for the first four text boxes (ContractNum, ContractAmt,
SigningDate, and StartDate text boxes). Then you should tab from the StartDate
text box to the CustomerID text box and finally to the ContractType text box, but
tabbing is reversed for the last two text boxes. The default tab order doesn’t
match the order Sarah wants, so you’ll change the tab order. You can change the
tab order in Layout view or in Design view.
4. Switch to Design view, click the Arrange tab on the Ribbon, and then in the Con-
trol Layout group on the Arrange tab, click the Tab Order button. The Tab Order
dialog box opens. See Figure 6-48.
Access sets the tab order in
the same order in which
you add controls to a form,
so you should always check
the form’s tab order when
you create a custom form
in Layout or Design view.
Figure 6-48
Changing the tab order for the main form
combo box
(your name
might be different)
c urrent
tab order
(your names
might be different)
You should set the Name
property for all your con-
trols to meaningful names,
so that you don’t have to
guess which control a
name references in this
and similar situations.
Because you did not set the Name property for the combo box control and the calcu-
lated controls, Access assigned their names: Combo6 (your name might be different)
for the CustomerID combo box, Text13 (your name might be different) for the Number
of Invoices calculated control, and Text15 (your name might be different) for the
Invoice Amount Total calculated control. The Auto Order button lets you create a left-
to-right, top-to-bottom tab order automatically, which is not the order Sarah wants.
You need to move the Combo6 entry above the ContractType entry.
5. Click the row selector to the left of Combo6, and then drag the row selector
above the ContractType entry. The entries are now correct in the correct order.
6. Click the OK button, save your form design changes, switch to Form view, and then
tab through the controls in the main form to make sure the tab order is correct.
Trouble? If the tab order is incorrect, switch to Design view, click the Arrange tab
on the Ribbon, click Tab Order in the Control Layout group, move appropriate
entries in the Tab Order dialog box, and then repeat Step 6.
You’ve finished adding controls to the form, but the form is plain looking and lacks
visual clues for the different controls in the form. You’ll complete the form by making it
more attractive and easier for Sarah and her staff to use.
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