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9. Test the form by tabbing from field to field, navigating from record to record, and
using the Select Contract combo box to find records, making sure you don’t change
any field values and observing that the calculated controls display the correct values.
You’ve completed the custom form.
10. Save your form design changes, close the form, close the Panorama database,
make a backup copy of the database, open the Panorama database, compact and
repair the database, close the database, and then exit Access.
The custom form you created will make it easier for Sarah and her staff to work with
contract and invoice data in the Panorama database.
| Session 6.3 Quick Check
1. To create a combo box to find records in a form with the Combo Box Wizard, the
form’s record source must be a(n) .
2. You use the tool to add a subform to a form.
3. To calculate subtotals and overall totals in a form or report, you use the
4. The Control Source property setting can be either a(n)
or a(n)
5. Explain the difference between the Tab Stop property and tab order.
6. What is focus?
7. The
property has settings such as Raised and Sunken.
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