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Figure 6-53
line below
title and
combo box
around the
a. Place the fields from the tblCompany table at the top of the Detail section. Delete
the Contact Last Name label and change the caption for the Contact First Name
label to Contact: .
b. Move the fields into two columns in the Detail section, resizing and aligning
controls, as necessary.
c. Add the title in the Form Header section.
d. Make sure the form’s Record Source property is set to tblCompany, and then add
a combo box in the Form Header section to find CompanyName field values. In
the wizard steps, select the CompanyName and CompanyID fields, and hide the
key column. Resize and move the control.
e. Add a subform based on the tblProduct table, include only the fields shown in Figure
6-53, link with CompanyID, name the subform frmPartialProductSubform , delete
the subform label, and resize the columns in the subform to their best fit and resize
and position the subform.
f. Add a calculated control that displays the number of products displayed in the
subform. Set the calculated control’s Tab Stop property to No, and the ControlTip
Text property to Calculated number of products .
g. Add a line in the Form Header section, and add a rectangle around the calculated
control and its label, setting the line thickness of both controls to the line style
with the ScreenTip 3 pt.
h. Use the Dark Label Text font (row 1, column 3 in the Access Theme Colors palette)
for all labels, and use the Background fill color (row 1, column 5 in the Access
Theme Colors palette) for the sections, the calculated control, and the Select
Company combo box.
i. Make sure the tab order is top-to-bottom, left-to-right for the main form text boxes.
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