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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
Exploring Common Window Elements
The Office programs consist of windows that have many similar features. As you can see
in Figures 1 and 2, many of the elements in both the Excel program window and the
Word program window are the same. In fact, all the Office programs have these same
elements. Figure 4 describes some of the most common window elements.
Figure 4
Common window elements
Office Button
Provides access to document-level features and program settings
Quick Access Toolbar
Provides one-click access to commonly used commands, such as Save,
Undo, and Repeat
Title bar
Contains the name of the open file, the program name, and the sizing
Sizing buttons
Resize and close the program window or the workspace
Provides access to the main set of commands organized by task into tabs
and groups
Microsoft Office Help button
Opens the Help window for that program
Displays the file you are working on (Word document, Excel workbook,
Access database, or PowerPoint slide)
Status bar
Provides information about the program, open file, or current task as
well as the view shortcuts and zoom controls
View shortcuts
Change how a file is displayed in the workspace
Zoom controls
Magnify or shrink the content displayed in the workspace
Because these elements are the same in each program, after you’ve learned one pro-
gram, it’s easy to learn the others. The next sections explore these common features.
Resizing the Program Window and Workspace
There are three different sizing buttons. The Minimize button , which is the left but-
ton, hides a window so that only its program button is visible on the taskbar. The middle
button changes name and function depending on the status of the window—the Maxi-
mize button expands the window to the full screen size or to the program window
size, and the Restore Down button returns the window to a predefined size. The
Close button , on the right, exits the program or closes the file. Excel has two sets of
sizing buttons. The top set controls the program window and the lower set controls the
workspace. The workspace sizing buttons look and function in exactly the same way as
the program window sizing buttons, except the button names change to Minimize Win-
dow and Restore Window when the workspace is maximized.
Most often, you’ll want to maximize the program window and workspace to take advan-
tage of the full screen size you have available. If you have several files open, you might want
to restore down their windows so that you can see more than one window at a time, or you
might want to minimize programs or files you are not working on at the moment. You’ll try
minimizing, maximizing, and restoring down windows and workspaces now.
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