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9. Close the Products database without exiting Access, make a backup copy of the
database, open the Products database, compact and repair the database, close the
database, and then exit Access.
| Case Problem 1
Apply the skills you
learned in the tutorial
to create a custom
form for a small music
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Contract.accdb ( cont. from Tutorial 5 )
Pine Hill Music School Yuka wants you to create several forms, including a custom
form that displays and updates the school’s music contracts with students. You’ll do so by
completing the following:
1. Open the Contract database located in the Level.02\Case1 folder provided with
your Data Files.
2. Remove the lookup feature from the TeacherID field in the tblContract table, and
then resize the Teacher ID column to its best fit.
3. Define a one-to-many relationship between the primary tblTeacher table and the
related tblContract table. Select the referential integrity option and the cascade
updates option for this relationship.
4. Use the Documenter to document the tblContract table. Select all table options; use
the Names, Data Types, and Sizes option for fields; and use the Names and Fields
option for indexes. Print the report produced by the Documenter.
5. Use the Multiple Items tool to create a form based on the qryLessonsByTeacher
query, change the title to Lessons by Teacher , and then save the form as
frmLessonsByTeacherMultipleItems .
6. Use the Split Form tool to create a split form based on the qryLessonsByTeacher
query, and then make the following changes to the form in Layout view.
a. Reduce the widths of all six text boxes to a reasonable size.
b. Remove the LessonType, LessonLength, and MonthlyLessonCost controls from
the stacked layout, move these three controls to the right and then to the top of the
form, and then anchor them to the top right.
c. Select the MonthlyLessonCost control and its label, and then anchor them to the
bottom right.
d. Remove the ContractEndDate control from the stacked layout, and then anchor
the control to the bottom left.
e. Change the title to Lessons by Teacher , and then save the modifiied form as
frmLessonsByTeacherSplitForm .
7. Use Figure 6-54 and the following steps to create a custom form named frmContract
based on the tblContract table.
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