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You’ll open the rptContract report in Report view and show Sarah how she can inter-
act with the report in this view.
To interact with the rptContract report in Report view:
1. Start Access, and then open the Panorama database in the Level.02\Tutorial folder
provided with your Data Files.
Trouble? If the Security Warning is displayed below the Ribbon, either the Pan-
orama database is not located in the Level.02\Tutorial folder or you did not desig-
nate that folder as a trusted folder. Make sure you opened the database in the
Level.02\Tutorial folder, and make sure that it’s a trusted folder.
2. Open the Navigation Pane, scroll down the Navigation Pane (if necessary), right-
click rptContract , click Open on the shortcut menu, and then close the Navigation
Pane. The rptContract report opens in Report view and the Navigation Pane closes.
See Figure 7-1.
Double-clicking a report
name in the Navigation
Pane opens the report in
Report view.
Report displayed in Report view
Figure 7-1
Report view
In Report view, you can view the live version of the report prior to printing it, just as
you can do in Print Preview. Unlike Print Preview, you can apply filters to the report
before printing it. You’ll show Sarah how to apply filters to the rptContract report.
In the first report detail line for Contract Num 3011, right-click Residential
landscape plan in the Contract Type column to open the shortcut menu, and then
point to Text Filters . A submenu of filter options for the Text field opens. See
Figure 7-2.
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