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Filter applied to the report in Report view
Figure 7-3
report lines that match the
chosen filter option
report filter has been applied
Sarah can print the filtered report, or she can select the entire filtered report or a
portion of the filtered report. Then she can copy the selection to the Clipboard and
paste it into another program, such as a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.
You’ll show Sarah how to copy the entire filtered report to the Clipboard.
8. Click to the left of the Contract Details title at the top of the report (but don’t click
in the Navigation Pane), drag down to the bottom of the report, release the mouse
button to select the entire report, and then in the Clipboard group on the Home
tab, point to the Copy button
To select a portion of the
report instead of the entire
report, click to the left of
the top of the selection and
drag down to the bottom
of the selection.
. See Figure 7-4.
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