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Figure 7-4
After selecting the entire report in Report view
Copy button
click here to
begin the
en t ire
If you needed to copy the selection to the Clipboard, you would click the Copy but-
ton (see Figure 7-4). Sarah doesn’t need to copy the selection, so you’ll show her
how to remove the filter from the report.
9. Click to the left of the Contract Details title at the top of the report to select
the top portion of the report and to deselect the rest of the report, right-click
Residential landscape plan in any report detail line in the Contract Type column,
and then click Clear filter from ContractType . Access removes the filter and dis-
plays the complete report.
10. Scroll down the report, and notice that some field values in the Contract Type col-
umn are not fully displayed and that no grand total of the ContractAmt field values
is displayed at the end of the report.
Sarah wants you to enlarge the Contract Type column in the rptContract report so that all
field values are fully displayed. She also wants you to insert a space in the CustomerID
column heading, remove the report’s AutoFormat, format the ContractAmt field values using
the Currency format, and add a grand total of the ContractAmt field values. These changes
will make the report more useful for Sarah.
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