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Enhancing and Correcting Reports Created by the Report Tool
and the Report Wizard
Creating a report using the Report tool or the Report Wizard can save time, but you should
review the report to determine if you need to make any of the following types of common
enhancements and corrections:
• Change the report title from the report object name (with an rpt prefix and no spaces) to
one that has meaning to the users.
• Reduce the widths of the date and page number controls, and move the controls so that
they are not printed on a separate page.
• Review the report in Print Preview and, if the report displays excess pages, adjust the
page margins and the placement of controls.
• Verify that all controls are large enough to fully display their values.
Modifying a Report in Layout View
You can make all the report changes Sarah wants in Layout view. Modifying a report in
Layout view is similar to modifying a form in Layout view.
To view the report in Layout view:
1. On the status bar, click the Layout View button
, and then scroll to the top of
the report (if necessary). See Figure 7-5.
Viewing the report in Layout view
Figure 7-5
Group & Sort button
You can also switch views
by right-clicking the object
tab, and then clicking the
view option on the shortcut
grouping field
sort field
Layout view
Group, Sort, and Total pane
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