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3. Right-click any value in the Contract Amt column to open the shortcut menu, click
Properties to open the property sheet, set the Format property to Currency , and
then close the property sheet.
When Lucia made her initial modifications to the tables, queries, forms, and
reports in the Panorama database, she failed to change the first column heading in
the rptContract report to Customer ID (with a space) when she modified the
report. Although Lucia had set the Caption property for the CustomerID field in
the tblContract table to Customer ID before she modified the rptContract report,
Caption property changes do not propagate to existing forms and reports. How-
ever, a Caption property setting propagates to all new forms and reports.
4. Scroll to the top of the report (if necessary), double-click the CustomerID column
heading, insert a space before “ID,” and then press the Enter key.
Sarah intends to print the rptContract report periodically in the future, and she
finds the AutoFormat at the beginning of the report distracting and unnecessary in
a printed report. You’ll remove the AutoFormat from the report.
5. In the AutoFormat group on the Format tab, click the AutoFormat button to open
the AutoFormat gallery, and then click the None button (row 3, column 4). The
AutoFormat gallery closes, and the AutoFormat is removed from the report. See
Figure 7-7.
After removing the AutoFormat from the report
Figure 7-7
space inserted
formatted as Currency
Sarah notes that the picture at the top of the report isn’t needed now that you’ve
removed the AutoFormat, so you’ll delete it.
6. Right-click the picture at the top of the report to open the shortcut menu, and
then click Delete to remove the picture.
Removing the AutoFormat also removed the alternate background color setting in
the detailed contract lines, and Sarah wants you to restore this feature.
7. Click to the left of 3011 in the Contract Num column to select the detail lines, click
the arrow on the Alternate Fill/Back Color button to display the gallery of
available colors, and then in the Access Theme Colors palette, click the Back-
ground color (row 1, column 5). The Background color is applied to alternate detail
lines in the report.
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