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Sarah’s last change to the report is to add a grand total of the ContractAmt field
values. First, you must select the Contract Amt column or one of the values in the
8. In the detail line for ContractNum 3011, click $4,000 in the Contract Amt column,
and then in the Grouping & Totals group on the Format tab, click the Totals button
to display the Totals menu. See Figure 7-8.
Figure 7-8
Displaying options on the Totals menu
picture removed
Totals menu
You select one of the eight aggregate functions on the Totals menu to summarize
values in the selected column. To calculate and display the grand total contract
amount, you’ll select the Sum aggregate function.
9. Click Sum on the Totals menu, and then scroll to the bottom of the report. The
grand total of the ContractAmt field values ($1,758,075) is displayed at the end of
the report, as are subtotals for each group of contracts for each CustomerID field
value ($19,000 for the last customer). See Figure 7-9.
Figure 7-9
After adding subtotals and a grand total of the ContractAmt field values
grand total
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