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When you use an aggregate function in Layout view, Access adds the results of the
function to the end of the report and adds subtotals for each grouping field.
Because each customer has few contracts, Sarah asks you to remove the subtotals
from the report.
10. Right-click the $19,000 subtotal to open the shortcut menu, click Delete to
remove the subtotals, and then scroll to the end of the report. Although you
deleted the subtotals, the grand total still appears at the end of the report.
Sarah wants to review the rptContract report in Print Preview.
11. Save your report changes, switch to Print Preview, and then scroll through the
report, ending on the last page of the report.
You can use the Zoom control on the status bar to zoom in or out the report view in
10% increments (click the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons) or in variable increments
(drag the Zoom slider control).
12. Click the Zoom In button
on the status bar to increase the zoom percentage to
110%. See Figure 7-10.
Viewing the rptContract report in Print Preview
Figure 7-10
display report title at the top of every page
add a line under the
column headings
Zoom In button
Zoom slider control
Trouble? Depending on the printer you are using, the last page of your report
might differ. If so, don’t worry. Different printers format reports in different ways,
sometimes affecting the total number of pages and the number of records printed
per page.
Sarah identifies two additional modifications she wants you to make to the report. She
wants you to add a line below the column heading labels to separate them from the fol-
lowing detail report lines, and she wants the report title to be displayed at the top of
every page, not just on the first page of the report.
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