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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
status bar shows the current page number and total number of words in a document. The
right side of the status bar includes buttons that enable you to switch the workspace view
in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access as well as zoom the workspace in Word, Excel,
and PowerPoint. You can customize the status bar to display other information or hide
the default (original or preset) information.
Switching Views
Each program has a variety of views, or ways to display the file in the workspace. For
example, Word has five views: Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline,
and Draft. The content of the file doesn’t change from view to view, although the presen-
tation of the content will. In Word, for example, Page Layout view shows how a docu-
ment would appear as the printed page, whereas Web Layout view shows how the
document would appear as a Web page. You can quickly switch between views using the
shortcuts at the right side of the status bar. You can also change the view from the View
tab on the Ribbon. You’ll change views in later tutorials.
Zooming the Workspace
Zooming is a way to magnify or shrink the file content displayed in the workspace. You
can zoom in to get a closer look at the content of an open document, worksheet, or
slide, or you can zoom out to see more of the content at a smaller size. There are several
ways to change the zoom percentage. You can use the Zoom slider at the right of the sta-
tus bar to quickly change the zoom percentage. You can click the Zoom level button to
the left of the Zoom slider in the status bar to open the Zoom dialog box and select a
specific zoom percentage or size based on your file. You can also change the zoom set-
tings using the Zoom group in the View tab on the Ribbon.
Reference Window | Zooming the Workspace
• Click the Zoom Out or Zoom In button on the status bar (or drag the Zoom slider button
left or right) to the desired zoom percentage.
• Click the Zoom level button on the status bar.
• Select the appropriate zoom setting, and then click the OK button.
• Click the View tab on the Ribbon, and then in the Zoom group, click the zoom setting
you want.
The figures shown in these tutorials are zoomed to enhance readability. You’ll zoom
the Word and Excel workspaces.
To zoom the Word and Excel workspaces:
1. On the Zoom slider on the Word status bar, drag the slider button to the left until
the Zoom percentage is 10% . The document reduces to its smallest size, which
makes the entire page visible but unreadable. See Figure 6.
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