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Modifying a Report in Design View
Unlike the modifications you made to the report in Layout view, you can’t use Layout
view for Sarah’s two new modifications. You must make these modifications in Design
view. Design view for reports is similar to Design view for forms, which you used in
Tutorial 6 to customize forms.
To view the report in Design view:
1. Switch to display the report in Design view. See Figure 7-11.
Figure 7-11
rptContract report in Design view
Report Header
report title
Page Header
column heading labels
Group Header
Group Footer section
with zero height
Detail section
Page Footer
Report Footer
page number
current date function
Notice that Design view for a report has most of the same components as Design view
for a form. For example, Design view for forms and reports includes horizontal and verti-
cal rulers, grids in each section, and similar buttons in groups on the Design tab.
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