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Figure 7-13
Sample report showing the seven sections of a report
Report Header
Page Header section
Detail section
Group Header sections
Group Footer sections
Detail section
Report Footer
Page Footer section
The Report tool used six of the seven report sections to create the rptContract report
for Sarah. To make Sarah’s changes to the report, you need to increase the height of the
Page Header section, move the column heading labels down in the section, add a line
under the column heading labels, cut the report title from the Report Header section and
paste it in the Page Header section, move the report title, and then resize the Report
Header and Page Header sections.
To modify the report in Design view:
1. Place the pointer on the bottom edge of the Page Header section. When the
pointer changes to a shape, drag the section’s edge down until it is at the
1-inch mark on the vertical ruler.
Before you can move the column heading labels down in the Page Header section,
you need to remove them and their related text boxes from the tabular layout.
Recall that a tabular layout is a control layout arranged in a datasheet format. If
you don’t remove all the controls from the tabular layout before moving the labels,
some of the controls that remain in the tabular layout might shift position or
undergo unintended property changes.
2. Use Shift + Click to select all five labels in the Page Header section, the CustomerID
text box in the CustomerID Header section, the four text boxes in the Detail section,
and the grand total text box in the Report Footer section, and then click the Arrange
tab on the Ribbon. See Figure 7-14.
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