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Labels and text boxes selected
Figure 7-14
selected labels
Pa ge Header section
height increased
selected text boxes
3. In the Control Layout group on the Arrange tab, click the Remove button to
remove all selected controls from the tabular layout.
4. Use Shift + Click to deselect the CustomerID text box in the CustomerID Header
section, the four text boxes in the Detail section, and the grand total text box in
the Report Footer section, leaving only the five labels selected, and then use
the key to move the labels down in the Page Header section until the tops of the
labels are at the 0.625-inch mark on the vertical ruler.
Next, you’ll add a line under the labels.
5. Click to the right of the grid in the Page Header section to deselect all controls,
click the Design tab on the Ribbon, and then in the Controls group on the Design
tab, click the Line button .
6. Position the pointer’s plus symbol (+) at the lower-left corner of the Customer ID
label in the Page Header section, hold down the Shift key, drag a horizontal line
from left to right, so the end of the line aligns with the right edge of “Contract
Type” in the Contract Type label box, release the mouse button, and then release
the Shift key.
7. In the Controls group on the Design tab, click the Line Thickness button ,
click the line with the ScreenTip 1pt in the list, and then deselect the control.
8. Reduce the height of the Page Header section by dragging the bottom of the sec-
tion up until it touches the bottom of the line you just added.
Finally, you’ll cut the report title from the Report Header section and paste it in the
Page Header section, and then remove the Report Header section.
9. Right-click the report title in the Report Header section to open the shortcut menu,
click Cut to delete the control and place it on the Clipboard, right-click the Page
Header section bar to select that section and open the shortcut menu, and then
click Paste . The report title is pasted in the upper-left corner of the Page Header
If you want to make sure
you draw a straight hori-
zontal or vertical line, press
the Shift key before you
start drawing the line and
release the Shift key after
you’ve created it.
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